Quiz Cup New York


Are you a business owner or manager? Are you looking for new ways to get your name out and bring customers in? Look no further! TriviaNYC has various options for sponsorship, and is always willing to work with you to create a personalized plan to fit your specific needs and wants.

All of our sponsors are eligible for a once-yearly trivia event, hosted by our most experienced staff, at the time and place of your choosing.

All of our sponsors receive logo placement on our website and multiple social media posts to reach a national network of quizzers.

Tournament Sponsorship

Twice a year, we run a citywide trivia tournament, currently titled The Quiz Cup of New York. Eight weeks of regular season play culminate in an invite-only Grand Final for the top 12-15 teams, with press and spectators also present. In addition to expanding the weekly prize pool, there is a cash grand prize for the top-placing team, and free registrations to the Trivia Championships of North America. Involvement as a sponsor during a tournament season will more than double the amount of potential customers you are reaching within our network. Grand prize sponsorship places your name and logo on all of our marketing material, both printed and verbal.

Learn more about QCNY here.

Season Sponsorship

Over the course of Quiz Cup New York, our hosts promote the program as well as our sponsors.

You can offer discount codes, prizes, or just about anything to our players – an audience that multiplies during the 8-week Quiz Cup season. Get in touch now to discuss the possibilities.

Prize Sponsorship

By populating our prize pool with swag or gift certificates from your business, your company name is guaranteed to be said out loud multiple times by our enthusiastic hosts to our enthusiastic players. In addition to the live mentions, a handful of happy trivia nerds and drinkers will take home a physical representation of your business, to be remembered fondly and used as directed.

Quiz Cup prizes are even more special, as they’ll be promoted for weeks and weeks and only won by a select few at the exclusive final. Grand prize sponsorship places your name and logo on all of our marketing material, both printed and verbal.