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Sundays at Arts & Crafts Beer Parlor; Tuesdays at Murphy’s Tavern; Wednesdays at Amity Hall

Jasmin Stanley, a native New Yorker, is a trivia host and comedy writer/producer. She studied Sketch at Upright Citizens Brigade and has had her writing produced at the Magnet Theater and The Peoples Improv Theater. She also co-writes, hosts, and produces a monthly sketch and stand-up series at The PIT. She was taken to a TriviaNYC night at Dempsey’s in the summer of 2010, and while being pretty rough at the playing part, is amazing at the talking part – and so she became a host, really putting that Master’s degree to good use – and blowing her voice out at least three nights a week.

You can find her trivia highlights on Instagram at @jasminhoststrivia, or her personal Instagram at @akadentz.


Sundays at Hinterlands Bar; Mondays at Minnie’s; Tuesdays at Fulton Ale House; Wednesdays at The Wolfhound

If you ever wondered what attending a trivia night hosted by Guy Smiley would be like, then look no further than Craig Reid. He’s been hosting bar trivia events for 7+ years, and has developed a routine that works at the places he hosts. He’s also been on three different game shows, and hopes to one day have a show of his own on the small screen. In the meantime, enjoy him while he does his thing, all while enjoying a nice beer and making sure that you have a good time.

You can find him on all social media platforms at @gameshowcraig.


Mondays at Copper Still East; Tuesdays at The Half Pint

Lindsay June Griffin is a performer, host, and educator living in Brooklyn. She grew up in Western Massachusetts and moved to New York City over seven years ago to attend The New School. She lives in Brooklyn with her boyfriend, cat, and plants. When she’s not hosting trivia, she can most likely be found listening to podcasts, performing educational seminars for college students, facilitating anti-sexual harassment training, or drinking seltzer. She loves hosting trivia because she is terrible at playing it.

You can find her on Instagram at @liffinjgriffin.


Sundays at Arts & Crafts Beer Parlor; Tuesdays at Bierocracy; Wednesdays at Amity Hall

Keith Stewart has been a host with Trivia NYC since 2015. He is a native New Yorker, growing up in Brooklyn and currently lives in Astoria. When he’s not hosting trivia, Keith is the host of Drinking Liberally, a progressive, social club which promotes democracy one pint at a time! Keith loves sports, binging episodes of The Office and doing karaoke.

You can follow Keith on Twitter and Instagram at @triviahostkeith, where he posts many pictures of trivia nights.


Tuesdays at Tap Haus 33

G.K. Williams is a SAG-AFTRA actor, voiceover artist, host and model born in NYC. While he doesn’t love writing bios, he does love bringing questions and personality to the great crowd at Tap Haus 33.

Along with trivia nights, he emcees other events, including the TCS NYC Marathon. Find him on Instagram and Twitter at @gkwilliamsnyc or visit his IMDb page



Abby Wylan is a New York-based actor, director, and company member of New Light Theater Project. She is the Artistic Producer of New Light’s Darkroom Series and has worked on numerous shows in New York and Pennsylvania.

When she’s not hosting trivia, she’s playing trivia (aka losing trivia). When she’s not losing trivia, she’s doing literally anything else – I mean, she has a life, god.

To find out when and where she’s hosting, follow her at @ajwylan on Instagram.



Laura got her start as a writer when she started the first weekly trivia night in her southern Missouri hometown, and has been writing for TNYC since 2017. By day, Laura works in program evaluation for a non-profit organization based in Nashville.

She’s been an avid pub trivia-goer for years in Nashville and Chicago, even making it into a few citywide tournaments. She has more anthropology degrees than is probably necessary, and especially likes questions about language, US presidents, and metal bands.

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